Honda Intelligent Traction Management

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Honda Intelligent Traction Management vehicles available at Coconut Point Honda in Estero, FL – close to Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, and Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Hendry counties – can make the most of your traction based on the driving surface. If you’re adventure takes you on roads less traveled, you’ll have the handling you need to tackle tough terrain.

What Honda Vehicles Are Available with Intelligent Traction Management?

The Honda Ridgeline pickup and the Honda Pilot and Honda Passport SUVs all have Intelligent Traction Management. Both two-wheel and all-wheel drive systems include the Intelligent Traction Management’s Snow mode. However, all-wheel drive systems will also include Mud and Sand modes.

You can browse the entire Coconut Point Honda inventory online right now and find a Honda vehicle with Intelligent Traction Management. Contact us when you find the ride you want to test drive!

When road conditions change, just push the Intelligent Traction Management button to optimize for the terrain. Two-wheel drive trims on the Passport, Pilot and Ridgeline include Snow mode, while all-wheel-drive trims add Mud and Sand modes. Each mode adjusts throttle, shifting, torque distribution and Vehicle Stability AssisTM (VSA®) for the unique challenges of the selected terrain.


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Snow Mode

To help minimize wheel slippage, especially when accelerating from a stop, Snow mode sets the automatic transmission to start in second gear and adjusts the throttle for less pedal sensitivity.


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Mud Mode

Maintaining momentum is essential in muddy driving conditions. To help you keep moving, Mud mode delays upshifts for increased wheel torque and adjusts VSA to allow more wheel slip.


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Sand Mode

Soft-sand driving calls for more aggressive pedal tuning to minimize throttle delay. Sand mode also delays upshifts for increased wheel torque.